Big Opportunity
for your Business

Whether you operate in a fun, recreational industry or in a very serious and life-saving environment, whether you’re working the land or reshaping the landscape, the purchase of new equipment requires important consideration. An asset acquisition is a major business decision and one that deserves detailed planning and analysis of a number of factors.

We’ve prepared tips, hints and ideas to assist you in the equipment purchase decision making process. Ideas for agricultural machinery purchases, construction and civil works heavy equipment including trucks and sensitive, highly specialised medical equipment and where to find great deals.

Analyse exactly what you need to do the job. Do you require a single-purpose machine or will a more general use item represent a better investment? Research the equipment sales market in great depth so you are fully aware of what’s available. Organise your finance before agreeing on a deal. Knowing your monthly repayment commitment before agreeing to a purchase is simply astute business practice. Once you know your financial situation, decide whether new or used equipment will be your most cost effective solution.

With the planning and preparation done, you will be in a more confident and assured head space to proceed to negotiate with the seller on a great price.

What we offer?

Great Deals on Bulldozers

To push your way to a great deal on a bulldozer make sure you’re well-prepared and have done your planning. We’ve done some research on where you can make a start.

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Solutions for Medical Equipment Acquisitions and Loans

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of having access to the right medical equipment. We provide solutions and ways forward to streamline the process.

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Moving Your Truck Purchase Forward

The truck market is extensive for both new and used vehicles and making that all important purchase decision can be challenging. We offer ideas on moving the process forward in top gear.

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Purchasing Tractors and Farm Machinery

The agricultural sector is subject to not only seasonal impacts but the unexpected effects of weather events. The unpredictable cash flow scenario means when it’s time to buy a new tractor or other machinery, there’s some serious thinking to be done. We offer some guidance on tractor sales and how to finance your purchase.

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Financing and Buying Excavators

Reshaping the landscape to make may for progress and development requires some heavy duty equipment. Sourcing the best deal on an excavator is essential to ensuring your business develops and progresses as successfully as the project you’re working on. We provide hints on how and where to get a great excavator deal.

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